AR Business Cards at reasonable price – INR 599/-

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In the fast-moving competitive world of business, it is quite hard to get noticed in the crowd every time. A small essence of creativeness and unique thinking process can pull you out of the crowd and make you attempt your goals within no time. With that, a business card is no longer just a piece of paper but rather a pocket-size resume which allows you to provide much more information than ever before using the AR Technology and by developing your own AR Business Cards with Great Digit Solution

Ever Felt bad about conveying less information about your business through Business Cards? AR Business Cards allow you to add more elements to your Business Cards and can be viewed through a mobile. Here elements may be your image, some clicks of your restaurant or even a promotional video of your company. 

The Same AR Technology can be added to your brochures, banners, logos and even restaurant Menu. How about a customer scanning your menu card through his mobile and sees some best recipes in your restaurant? about it increase your sales? How about a participant scanning the event pamphlet and getting the complete information of the event being held. Now, Great Digit solution is providing the AR business cards at a very cheap and economical price of INR 599. For which you will be getting 240 AR Business Cards with a customized app which will be made available on for you and your customers to download for free, and also your cards will be delivered at free of cost.

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